Training Philosophy

Individuality: our range of fitness programmes are designed to be flexible and focused on the individual so that we can make the best training plan, which is both effective and fun. With varieties of people and ranges of goals, it is impossible to subscribe to a one-answer approach to fitness. Rather, we make sure that the programme is tailored to your goals and lifestyle.

Flexibility: Edinburgh has a wealth of green spaces peppered around the city, which allows for a huge range of flexibility. Whenever possible, we will plan sessions in locations and at times that best suit your needs.

Whole body approach: although we will be focusing on the physical side of fitness, we will also give advice on how to become healthier and fitter as a whole. This will involve advice on nutrition, injury prevention, and training plans outside our time together.

Inclusiveness: it's our objective that fitness and the exploration of the outdoors should be available to all. Group sessions will cater to all abilities when possible and we will always dedicate effort to allowing newcomers to enjoy the outdoors.


Goal setting: when you sign up, we will create short, medium and long term goals that will give us a framework for your training. These are designed to get you focused, but primarily excited about a goal you might have only dreamed of achieving before.  Examples include: 

  • running a 5k in under 20 minutes.
  • completing an ultra marathon.
  • Individually completing a Total Warrior event.
  • getting to the top of Arthur's Seat without walking.
  • or even just retaining a more healthy and active lifestyle and exploring the outdoors! 



If any of the above interests you then please contact me at:

Or call me for a chat about the possibilities for you on: 

07814 818760

(Alternatively, if you hang around Arthur's Seat for long enough you're sure to spot me!)


The Caerketton taster 

The Caerketton Taster is a one off session for anyone wishing to try out the Active Edinburgh experience. We'll have a brief look at your current state of fitness and any goals before undertaking a one-to-one session specifically designed for you. This session could be your first step on the road to outdoor fun and fitness! 

 £16 for an individual                                                                      £24 for pairs



The closest of the Pentland's tops to Edinburgh, the Allermuir is our most basic package designed for anyone who might be new to outdoor fitness or simply wishing to explore the outdoors. After an initial consultation and assessment we will progress with one-to-one sessions which will be specifically catered to you. We will also look at how to improve your fitness in a general setting. Similar to reaching the top of Allermuir, this package is designed to provide access for anyone to fitness in the outdoors. 

 5 sessions: £160                                                                         10 sessions: £280


The Scald Law

Named after the highest peak in the Pentlands, this package is for anyone wishing to take their fitness to the next level . We will begin by assessing your functional ability and physical mobility before creating a personalised training programme catered to your goals. This will include one-to-one sessions, advice on independent training and nutritional guidance. We will also review your progress every four weeks. Like climbing Scald Law, this package is designed to be tough and challenging but ultimately incredibly rewarding. 

 5 sessions: £185                                                                          10 sessions: £330



Named after the twin peaks on the southern side of the Pentlands, this package is for pairs of people with similar goals. We will meet regularly for personal training sessions and I will review your joint progress over the period that we train together. On top of this I will provide training and nutritional guidance through consistent email correspondence and a one-to-one meeting half way through the programme. There's no better way to enjoy fitness than with a friend! 

5 sessions: £200 (£100 per person)                                             10 sessions: £350 (£175 per person)



Our premier package is for anyone targeting a specific event or challenge. This package provides 6 months worth of personal training where you will receive comprehensive attention from myself in reaching your goal. This will take the form of an extensive training programme including one-to-one sessions as well as guidance on independent training and nutritional advice. Furthermore, we will regularly review your progress, making alterations to your programme when needed. This package is designed to provide the most effective way or reaching your dream goal. 

26 sessions: £728