Active Edinburgh was established with three clear objectives:

  1. making the outdoors more accessible
  2. providing expert fitness training
  3. enabling clients to take ownership of their fitness

1. Outdoors Accessibility

The city of Edinburgh was built upon seven unique hills interspersed with various parks, waterways, and monolithic architecture. For an onlooker wishing to tackle any of these features, it is both beautiful and foreboding but the reward is tantalising. Whether it is performing burpees atop Salisbury Crags at dawn or midday sprints along the Water of Leith, the city is both a stunning and versatile backdrop.

At Active Edinburgh, we adapt the predominantly gym-based principles of personal training and take them into Edinburgh's great outdoors, swapping the treadmill for crisp grassy banks and replacing the indoor congestion with fresh air. We aim to help you take on the city's challenges and beat them.


2. Expert Training

Through continual training, professional development, and seasoned experience we aim to provide the best and most effective personal training available. We will always strive the give knowledgeable advice, effectual training and value for money.


3. Ownership and Individuality

We will always undertake to allow you to be independent in your training. Rather than fully depending on us, we will help to guide you towards your fitness goals and plan a training strategy that has both your and our input.

Furthermore, we will draw on our expertise, knowledge, and your goals to formulate a personal and special training plan with you at the centre. Whether it is running 5k or completing a mountain marathon, we aim to cater for all abilities.